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Will The Price Of The Steel Pipe rise in 2017?

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 20, 2017

Will the price of steel pipe rise in 2017?

The Chinese government is encouraging steel companies to sign long-term contracts with coal and downstream steel consuming companies while improving their product quality.

Figures from the center released that the total inventory of steel in 29 major cities in China exceeded 12.39 million metric tons as of Feb 10, a 35 percent increase compared with three weeks ago, surpassing the peak of 2016.

The construction steel saw the biggest growth, more than 8.31 million tons as of Feb 10, 50.8 percent higher than three weeks ago, it said.

Considering the current stable increase in steel output and off-season demand, the inventory for steel in 2017 is believed to exceed 18 million tons, the highest of the past three years.China will enact stricter rules for trimming steel overcapacity in 2017 after making significant progress in 2016, according to experts.

The change of domestic steel industry changes the price of the carbon steel pipe.a part of our products rise slightly.for example,our carbon steel pipe rise 100yuan /ton in early February.2017.If you want to known more information,please mail to

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