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When Flammable Ice Have Mined, About Steel Pipe For Drilling Rig You Should Know.

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 22, 2017

When flammable ice have mined, about steel pipe for drilling rig you should know.

Flammable ice, called Natural gas hydrates ,mostly found at the bottom of continental shelf and the perpetually frozen soil.It is an enormous untapped energy source formed under high pressure and low temperatures in permafrost or under the sea.

Flammable ice can play a significant role in environmental protection and global climate change.Many countries, including United States, Canada, Japan and India, are looking at exploiting hydrate deposits as an alternative source of energy to fossil fuels.It is regarded as a clean energy option with high energy density and huge amounts of reserves.

Since May 10,Blue Whale 1, the world's most advanced ultra-deep-water semi-submersible drilling platform.has mined natural gas continuously from more than 1200 meters of deep seabed and lit the flame device.china has became the first country to mine the flammable ice succesfully.

The challenge in undersea drilling is transferring all that precious oil and gas from point A to point B without losing it and polluting the ocean.So the steel pipe for drilling rigs must be anti-corrosion and good low temperature resistance.

Blue Whale 1, the requirements for the corrosion resistance, strength of steel, ultra-low temperature impact, Z to performance, welding performance, dimensional precision is very strict.Overall 40000 tons steel were used in Blue Whale 1, 10% were super thick steel and for the first time to use 100 mm NVF690 super thick steel plate.mostly from BAO STEEL,SHOUGANG GROUP, ANSTEEL GROUP CORPORATION, and China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group!BAOSTEEL as "Blue Whale 1, the largest material suppliers, for the supply of various types of nearly 15000 tons of steel.F550 super thick steel plate,super-high strength of offshore steel.tailored for blue whales from ANSTEEL.SHOUGANG supply nearly 10000 tons of steel, including level of A36 / D36 / E36 Marine steel, mainly used for building structure platform above.

The specifications of the 114.3 x 19.05 mm, AISI 4130 steel pipe from Valin HengGang for ocean engineering with high pressure mud was applied to the drilling platform of high pressure mud pump system, which need high resistance to high pressure, corrosion resistance.

Mostly the pipes used in drilling rig mainly include welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe .Seamless carbon steel pipe for drilling rig according to ASTM A 106 A/B;Alloy steel pipe for drilling rig according to AISI 4130,ASTM A 333 Gr6,ASTM A 333 Gr9 or ASTM A 334-9;Stainless steel pipe for drilling rig according 

TP 304.

Welded pipe for drilling rig has no strict requirements for the materials.Welded pipe without galvanized layer is only applicable to normal temperature and work pressure under P 0.1 MPa or less water, sanitary, bilge water system, but galvanized welded pipe can be used in transporting low pressure water, medium oil good steam.


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