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What's The Difference Between 304 Stainless Steel With BA Surface And 2B Surface?

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

What's the difference between 304 stainless steel with BA surface and 2B surface?

There are many different types of surface finish on 304 stainless steel. According to treatment methods,304 stainless steel surface can be divided into 2B,2D,BA,Hair Line,Brushed,Satin,Mirror etc.In this article,we will specify the difference between BA surface and 2B surface.

2B and BA surface on stainless steel.jpg

What’s BA and 2B finish?


Cold rolled and Bright Annealed. The final appearance is developed by a single light skinpass through a cold mill over highly polished rolls, but it also depends on an additional millwork, such as grinding the surface at an intermediate gauge. The thermic treatment is lead on in oxygen-less atmosphere that brings out the steel from the furnace in the same physical condition.


Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, pinch passed. the production of this finish results in the same manner as the 2D finish, except for the final step which is a light roll pass through polished rolls called skinpass. This last step consolidates the steel and does not reduce substantially the thickness of the material. 

2B comes out of cold rolling with polished rollers and BA is after annealing in an oxygen-free environment. For the same surface roughness, what changes is the thickness and granularity of the surface oxide (which comes from passivation of the surface, not from oxide scale residues from rolling).If you are polishing a 2B surface to the same level as a BA sheet, the 2B sheet would then be somewhat thinner (minor).

What’s the typical applications of BA and 2B surface?


The interior of sinks,dishwashers,dryer and clothes washing machines, cookers, microwave, cookware, profiles, electrical cabinets, laboratory cabinets,tubes, cutlery, stamping parts, commercial kitchens, automotive, boiler, clever clamps, pumps manufacturer, chimney pipes,heat exchangers, bicycle rims...


Machines / instruments, buses, railway vehicles, profiles, electrical cabinets, laboratory cabinets, tubes, cutlery, cut ware, press plates, stamping parts, tank construction, commercial kitchens, building industry, automotive, boiler, clever clamps, surgical instruments, pumps manufacturer, beer kegs, chimney pipes, heat exchangers, sinks, elevators...


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