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What’s The Advantage Of Titanium Tubing Compared With Stainless Steel Tubes?

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 14, 2017

What’s the advantage of Titanium tubing compared with stainless steel tubes?


Titanium tubing is a high-strength and low-density metal, it’s very well suited to applications where both weight and strength are critical, such as those in the aerospace, automotive, and military and defense industries.

Stainless steel tubing is highly corrosion resistant, protecting against high temperatures and has an aesthetically appealing appearance. Stainless steel also used for a wide range of structural purposes and application with its excellent weldability and machinability.Here we will discuss the difference between Titanium tubes and stainless steel tubes when used for industrial application.


Weight and space saving

Titanium is about 45% lighter than steel.Another difference is the ability of titanium to withstand high heat without any reduction of weight.

Higher Hardness and Tensile Strength

At 4.54 grams per cubic centimeter, titanium is about 56% as dense as steel. When oxygen is absorbed into the surface of titanium when the metal is hardened, it can greatly increase the hardness of the surface layer.

Titanium and its alloys have a tensile strength that runs from 20,000 psi to over 200,000 psi. Commercial grade titanium is usually around 63,000 psi. The softest grade of commercially pure titanium is around 240 MPa, while high-strength alloys can go as high as 1,400 MPa.

More complex applications

Biocompatible and nontoxic, titanium tubing is often used in more challenging, complex applications, such as surgical instruments and orthopedic implants. Titanium’s high tensile strength-to-density ratio and high corrosion resistance make it ideal for sensitive military and aerospace applications, including critical structural projects, firewalls, exhaust ducts, and landing gear.


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