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What’s Low Alloy Steel Pipe?

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2017

What’s low alloy steel pipe?

Alloy pipes comprise 1 to 5 percent of a particular steels content and are added to provide the steel with a specific attribute.Low alloy steel pipes contain a few percent (typically between 1 and 7%) of elements such as Cr, Ni, Mo and V. This category includes chromium steels (containing up to 5% Cr and 1% Mo) and nickel steels (containing up to 5% Ni).

For many low-alloy pipes, the primary function of the alloying elements is to increase hardenability in order to optimize mechanical properties and toughness after heat treatment. In some cases, however, alloy additions are used to reduce environmental degradation under certain specified service conditions.

As with steels in general, low-alloy steels can be classified according to:

1)Chemical composition, such as nickel steels, nickel-chromium steels, molybdenum steels, chromium-molybdenum steels

2)Heat treatment, such as quenched and tempered, normalized and tempered, annealed.

Applications for low-alloy steel pipe range from military vehicles, earthmoving and construction equipment, and ships to the cross-country pipelines, pressure vessels and piping, oil drilling platforms, and structural steel pipe.

GB8163-1999 and GB6479-2000 are the main standards for low alloy steel pipe in China.That is 16Mn(referred as Q345B) ,among them 16MnQ are Special grade used for Bridges ,16MnL special for automobile beam,16MnR special for pressure vessel.JIS3466,S355 and EN10020 are the international standards for low alloy steel pipe.

SHEW-E STEEL PIPE supply kinds of low alloy steel pipe ,low alloy carbon steel pipe based on different models.we also can provide customers with products based on their specified technical requirements.

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