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What's Is Precision Tube And What Is Used For?

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 10, 2017

Precision tube is a kind of high precision and high brightness seamless steel tube which through the production of cold drawn or cold rolled.


GB/T3639, GB/T8713;DIN2391-2;HK15-2000.

Technological processes: 

Tube billet, peeling, heating, perforation, pickling, grinding, lubrication dry, cold rolled, to oil, cut head, inspection, identification, finished product packaging


Precision tube usually used in the manufacture of mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment, auto parts, steel sleeve:

1. Auto parts, auto parts manufacturing precision mechanical parts;

2. The motor shell, motor casing, dc motor in the cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, cylinder;

3. Industrial processed: machinery, processing machinery spare parts processing, bearing, etc.;

4. Electric gas pipeline etc.

5. Also used for the production of various kinds of conventional weapons, barrel, shells, etc

Commonly used materials: 

10#, 20#, 35#, 45#,40Cr,20CrMo, 16 Mn, 27 SiMn, 304, 201, 310 S, the high quality carbon structural steel.

Precision steel tube formula: 

 [OD - WT (wall thickness) * WT ]*  0.02466 =kg/m (weight of per meter)


1. The outer diameter smaller, can be accurate to within 0.2 mm

2. High precision to do small batch production.

3. Cold drawn finished products of high precision, good surface quality.

4. The steel pipe transverse area is more complex.

5. Steel pipe is superior performance, dense metal.

SHEW-E STEEL company provide all kinds of cold rolled high precision seamless steel tube,And has passed GB/T19001-2000 . With the GB3639-83, GB8713-88 standard, produced precision tube 10 # (St35), 20 # (St45), 35 # (St55), 45 #, 16 mn brands, from 10 mm - 140 mm in diameter, outside diameter wall thickness 0.6 mm - 6 mm.

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