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Tools may involve in the process of made ST45 Honed Pipe

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2016

May Involve In The Process Of Honing Tools

Whether honing tube or honing machine,Honing is their core,As a processing technology,Honing pipe is the finished product but the  honing machine is processing equipment.There is a close relationship between the honing tube and the honing machine.In addition to honing machine,There are other options for honing tool,But in order to improve  efficiency and accuracy,the horning machine is the best one.

For the honing tool, gear honing and horizontal honing head is the most common,The former can be used in the machining of hardened gear to improve the tooth surface roughness and roughness.For honing in terms of gear honing the amount should be controlled at around 0.02mm, but should not be too long,While the latter can also be used in the machining process, but with the need to achieve the effect of honing oil processing certain.

Honing pipe belongs to a pipe of high precision, so in the process or suggest that you choose honing machine, so as to ensure pipe can be more perfect forming

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