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The Seamless Steel Pipe And Carbon Steel Pipes

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 17, 2017

The seamless steel pipe and Carbon steel pipes

carbon steel pipe

The Seamless steel tube (SMLS) generally is rolled by ordinary carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel, It produced most, mainly used for conveying fluid pipe or structural components.

Carbon steel tube containing a certain amount of carbon ,silicon and manganese.

Does not contain other alloying elements.The silicon content is generally not more than 0.40%.In order to ensure that carbon steel chemical composition and mechanical properties, we must control of sulfur and phosphorus element content below 0.035%.In this way can we produce high quality carbon steel pipe.

Carbon steel pipe classification

Low carbon steel pipe, carbon content is less than about 0.25%.Design pressure is lower than 10mpa oil, oil and gas, and public media.

Middle carbon steel pipe, carbon content at about 0.25 ~ 0.60%, such as 35 and 45 steel;

High carbon steel pipe, carbon content is greater than 0.60%.This kind of steel is generally not used in the manufacture of steel pipe.

The usefulness of carbon steel pipe

Carbon steel pipe rely on adjusting the carbon content to continuously strengthen the mechanical properties of carbon steel pipe, thus producing the different carbon steel pipes, which are determined according to carbon content.

Some can be used in the manufacture of mechanical structure and building structure and transmission fluid pipe, etc.Also be used in agricultural irrigation and water conservancy engineering, wide range of uses.

The difference between Carbon steel pipes and seamless steel tube

1, Hot rolled seamless steel tube is made by perforation method without weld lines.Sometimes in order to get the corresponding shape and size.need to further into a tube on the hot working after cold working.And carbon steel pipe generally through multiple rolling manufacture of round, square, flat shape, etc.

2,Seamless steel pipe is the most pipe used in the petrochemical production.but Carbon steel pipe uses more widely.


 SHEW-E STEEL provide all kinds of Carbon seamless steel pipes, which has passed GB/T8162-2000 , ASTM A53-2006,JIS G3444 standard ect.

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