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The Mechanical Polishing Of Stainless Steel

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 29, 2017

The mechanical polishing of stainless steel

The mechanical polishing is a commonly used method that relying on cutting, material surface plastic deformation after removed by polished the convex part ,to get the smooth surface. commonly used article oil stone, wool wheel, abrasive paper.operated on manual basis.

Special parts such as the surface of solid of revolution, can use tools such as turntable.High surface quality can use the method of super precious polishing,which using a special abrasive lapping, in liquid containing abrasive and polishing , pressing on the processed workpiece surface for high-speed rotary motion.Using the technique can achieve Ra0.008 microns of surface roughness.It is the most commonly polishing method and Optical lens mold often use this method.

the process of mechanical polishing an follows:

polishing process

1,rough polishing

stainless pipe can be polished by  rotation surface polishing machine or ultrasonic grinding machine with 35, 000-40 000 RPM After milling, EDMMLL, grinding process ,Commonly include using Φ 3 mm in diameter, the wheels of the WA # 400 to remove white EDMMLL layer.Then manual oilstone grinding using strip sharpening stone and kerosene as a lubricant or coolant.Generally the using order is#180 - #240 - #320 - #320 -  #600 -# 800 - #1000.Many manufacturers started from # 400 to save time.

2,Half-Fine polish

 Half-Fine polish mainly use sand paper and kerosene.the number of Sandpaper in the order: # 400 ~ # 600 ~ # 600 ~ # 1000 ~ # 1200 ~ # 1500.In fact # 1500 sandpaper only suitable for hardened steel (52 HRC above), and not suitable for hard steel, because it may cause burns on the surface of the pre hardened steel.

3,Fine polishing

 Fine polishing primarily use diamond grinding paste.If grinding with mixed polishing cloth round diamond grinding powder or paste grinding, is usually the order 9 microns (# 1800) to 6 microns (# 3000) ~ 3 microns (# 8000).Then polished With sticky mat and  polished diamond grinding paste, the order of 1 1/2 mu mu m (# 14000) ~ m (# 60000) ~ 1/4 microns (# 100000).Higher-precious requirement in more than 1um (including 1 microns) must be in a clean polished interior can be achieved.


The feature of Mechanical polishing is good leveling, high brightness.The disadvantage is the gig intensity of labor , serious pollution and not be able to process the complex parts, burnish not consistent, not long gloss, fullness, rust.Is suitable for processing simple, medium and small products.


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