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The Main Material of Alloy Pipe

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 11, 2017

The main material of alloy pipe

Alloy tube is a kind of seamless steel pipe, but its high temperature, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance is higher than the average seamless steel pipe, because of it contains more Cr, so the alloy tube in the oil, Electricity, boilers and other industries pay a wide range of applications.

It's generally used for low or medium pressure boiler(Working pressure ≦ 5.88mpa, working temperature ≦ 450 ℃)of the heating surface tube; for high pressure boiler (working pressure ≧ 9.8mpa, operating temperature between 450℃-650 ℃) of the heating surface tube, the province Coal, superheater, reheater, petrochemical industry pipe.

The main material:12Cr1MoV、P22(10CrMo910)、T91、P91、P9、T9、WB36、Cr5Mo(P5、STFA25、T5、)、 15CrMo(P11、P12、STFA22) 13CrMo44;

Implementing standards:DIN17175-79、JISG3467-88、JISG3458-88、GB5310-95 、GB9948-88、ASTMA335/A335m、ASTMA213/A213m;

For example,GB5310-1995(High pressure boiler seamless steel pipe) , mainly used for high temperature resistant and high pressure transmission fluid collection box and the pipeline in power plant and nuclear power plant boiler. The typical materials includes 20G、12Cr1MoVG、15CrMoG and ect.

GB5310 pipe

Heat-resistant alloy pipe standards as follows:










A335 P1

A369 FP1

A250 T1

A209 T1

A335 P2 A369 FP2 A213 T2

A335 P12

A369 FP12 A213 T12

A335 P11

A369 FP12 A199 T11

A213 T11

A335 P22

A369 FP22 A199 T22

A213 T22

A335 P5 A389 FP5 A213 T5 A335 P9

A369 FP9 A199 T9

A213 T9 

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