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The Different Between Pipes And Tubes

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 27, 2017

 In the design of gas pipe, we often used tube and pipe , what is the difference between them?

tube and pipe

According to American National Standards,ASME B31.1-2004 describe the difference between Pipe and Tube like this:“pipe and tube: the undamental difference between pipe and tube is the dimensional standard to which each is manufactured.In Engineering, pipe Diameter less than 6 "generally refers to the tube , using ASTM A269 standards for OD (Outside Diameter) *WT (Wall Thickness), and pipe using standards ASTM A312 for SN (Schedule Numbers) * WT.

Here are main differences between Pipes and Tubes.

1,Different shape

Tubes can come in different shapes like square, rectangular and cylindrical. Pipe is always cylindrical or round.

2,Different toughness

While rigid tubes are frequently used in structural applications, copper and brass tubes can be rather flexible. Pipes are typically always rigid and resistant to bending.

3,Different classification

When it comes to classification, pipes use schedule and nominal diameter. For example, a pipe could have a 250mm nominal diameter and a schedule of 80. Tubes are classified by their outside diameter measurement and thickness. A copper tube, for instance, could be 10 mm with a 2 mm thickness.

4,Different using environment

Pipes accommodate larger applications with sizes that range from a half-inch to several feet..Tubes are generally used in applications that require smaller diameters. While 10-inch pipes are common, it’s rare that you will come across a 10-inch tube.

5, Different requirement

Tubes are often put to use in applications that require precise outside diameters, like with cooler tubes, heat exchanger tubes and boiler tubes.Pipes have a pressure rating and are schedule, which is why they are often used to carry fluids that must be contained.

6,Different joining way

Joining pipes is more labor intensive as it requires welding, threading or flanges. Tubes can be joined quickly and easily with flaring, brazing or couplings, but for this reason, they don’t offer the same stability.

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