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The Anti-corrosion Testing Of Precision Tube

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 05, 2017

The anti-corrosion testing of Precision tube

Precision tube is a kind of seamless steel pipe with high precision and high brightness.Owing to its weight savings, corrosion resistance, narrow tolerances and low processing costs,Precision tube is widely used in any industry such as automotive,Construction,furniture,general engineering,heating systems,packaging and so on.How to inspect the anti-corrosion coating?

The anti-corrosion testing of Precision tube:

1, Coating inspection and acceptance

(1) When under and after surface coating construction , should protect the coating of the workpiece to avoid the flying dust and other sundry.

(2) Coating after the check, should have uniform and consistent  coating color,  bright color clear, wrinkle-free skin, no blister, sagging, painted the defects such as leakage.

(3) The testing method of the coating film thickness.the film thickness is measured by touch-point paint film thickness tester, and commonly measured 3 point, take the average.

2, Quality testing

(1) Quality inspection use the method of sampling inspection according to the design requirements.

(2) Checking by visual .Covering surface should be smooth, flat, no bubbles and wrinkles, convex tumor and press edge should no coating defects such as unevenness.

(3) Film thickness is tested by magnetic thickness tester .in the middle and both ends of the single precision tube,can be measured for every 1.5 m distance on the circumference of a bit.the film thickness should satisfy two 85%: 85% of the thickness of the measuring point to meet the design requirements, the measuring point which does not reach the design thickness , the minimum value should be not less than 85%.

(4) Check pinhole with a pinhole tester , if pinhole is found, grinding with sand paper grinder;

(5) If film thickness is insufficient or pinhole, should re-tested  after repair., the unqualified tube need to repair again until qualified.

(6) Adhesion check.draw an 60 Angle incision rowed through coating to the substrate using a hard tools, then use adhesive tape to paste the cut part, after removing the adhesive tape and observing the scratches, coating should be without peeling off.

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