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Seamless Precision Tubes For Hydraulic Cylinder

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

Seamless precision tubes for hydraulic cylinder

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Tubes used in hydraulic cylinder are seamless tubes with a precisely machined inner surface, which are primarily intended for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. The inner working surface is achieved by peeling and subsequent rolling of the inner surface of the tubes.

SHEW-E stock a wide dimensional range of cold draw seamless tubes suitable for manufacturing of cylinders.The tubes can be supplied with two different series machining allowance,one for honing or skiving on the internal diameter,the other for roller-burnishing.


Seamless hydraulic cylinder tubes are supplied with two possible delivery conditions :+N (normalisation treatment after cold drawing) or +SR (stress relieving treatment after cold drawing) delivery condition.

The following standards are used when referring to the precision cold draw seamless steel tube:

ISO 4394/1  Fluid power systems and components - cylinder barrels

EN  10305-1  Steel tubes for precision application

BS 5242/1  Tubes for fluid power cylinder barrels

NF A49-323 Steel tubes-Jacks For Hydraulic Transmissions - Cold Rolled Or Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes

NF A49-310  Steel Tubes-Seamless Precision Tubes For Mechanical Application

DIN2391-2  Seamless precision steel tubes

NOTE:The outside diameter tolerances conformed to EN 10305-1 and DIN2391-1: O.D>260mm the tolerance is +/- 1.3mm.

A change of the tolerances may be agreed upon in practical application.

Corresponding standard and Grade:

ISO 4394 /BS 5242    HP5,HP6

NF A 49 323   Tu52-b BKS

NF A 49 310   Tu 20 MV6 BKS

DIN 2391   ST 35 BK ,ST 45 NBK,ST 52 NBK

DIN17179   StE255,StE355,StE460

EN 10305-1   E235+C,E235+N,E355+N,C460N

The present specification does not cover special application(structural,pressure vessels,low temperature,ect.) for which there are other standard such as DIN17179, EN 10297-1,EN10216...

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