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Road And Belt Offer New Opportunities For Steel Pipe Manufactures

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Road and belt offer new opportunities for steel pipe manufactures

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The 2017 Road And Belt International Expo was held from June 14 to 15.The meeting discussed economic and trade cooperation in the field of the infrastructure, energy, finance, culture, ecological environment, Marine and other important areas.It’s a new opportunity to walk out for China's iron and steel industry and steel pipe trades depending on the road and belt.


Since Road And Belt was brought up ,the construction of  infrastructure such as railways, ports, Bridges, public safety facilities and the cultural project, has a huge demand for steel products.

in 2016 Chinese enterprises  have signed 8158 piece of contract for foreign contracted projects with 61 countries on belt and road, with $126.03 billion and accounted for 51.6% of China's foreign contracted projects over that time including power engineering construction,real estate construction, petrochemical industry, communications engineering construction and other fields, among them,steel demand for infrastructure projects is the largest.Last year, China's steel plate, bar, steel pipe, steel rebar exports to the countries on belt and road have up to 29.5 million tons.we Can expect that steel products export is one of great promise in the future


Li Shuangzhong,manager of ShangHai Rui Kun Metal Materials Company,said.the infrastructure of Africa and southeast lags behind the rest of the world in all aspects of infrastructure development, because local steel enterprises is not large on scale, mostly steel products depend on import and Vast quantities of steel are needed. It’s a good chance for  our iron and steel enterprises and steel pipe traders to walk out.

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The Belt And Road spurred myriad business activities and trade in Northwest China's Shaanxi province. This is the golden opportunity for SHAANXI SHEW-E STEEL PIPE Co.,LTD.we should take advantage of the tax incentives and low labor cost to explore new market, develop ourselves.

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