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Pipes For Nuclear Power Plants

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2017

Pipes for nuclear power plants

Nuclear power is a technology which extracts usable energy from atomic nuclei via controlled nuclear reactions – normally atomic fission.More than 15% of the world’s electricity came from nuclear power and More than 150 nuclear-powered naval vessels have been built.


Many nuclear power stations are situated on the coast and use sea water for cooling which again calls for special piping resistant to the corrosiveness of salt water.

Steel tubes and pipes in a wide range of materials and dimensions are among the key components for the proper operation of these Nuclear power plants.

Pipes for nuclear power carry cooling water to the reactor vessel and spent fuel pool, transport steam to the main turbine, provide hydrogen gas to cool the main generators, supply fuel and lubricating oil to the emergency diesel generators, maintain the fire sprinklers ready to extinguish fires, and numerous other vital functions.


Today,nuclear power pipes in China have made great progress and gradually establish national standards for nuclear power tube. At present,seamless steel pipe for Nuclear power which carry steam at high pressure and high temperatures including stainless steel pipe for nuclear power|alloy steel pipe for nuclear power|carbon steel pipe for nuclear power. they have reached the world similar level of steel pipe technology and can completely replace the imported products installed on the second generation nuclear power plant.

Commonly used piping systems variety of AP1000 nuclear power plant showed below:

Primary loop

(nuclear grade material)

Secondary loop

(non nuclear grade material)

Stainless steel pipe

Alloy steel pipe

Carbon steel pipe

Alloy steel pipe

Carbon steel pipe





ASME A335 P11

ASME A-106 B

ASME A-333 Gr6



ASME A-106 B

GB 20

As suppliers of seamless alloy steel pipe, SHEW-E STEEL PIPE specializes in chromoly tubing SA335 piping in grades P11,P22 for nuclear power. Further information, please Email to to learn more!

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