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Material Selection For Automotive Exhaust Tail Pipe

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 05, 2017

Material selection for Automotive exhaust tail pipe

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Automobile exhaust system are integral parts of the overall chain of functions in an automotive system.the tail pipe is coupled with the muffler box and lies adjacently to the tail of muffler box.The main function of the tail pipe is to relay sound and excessive exhaust gases from the automobile exhaust system.this is virtually the end parts of the whole exhaust system.Material selection of exhaust tail pipe has been very crucial.


In real automotive application,stainless steel can be a better material that can suit tail pipe in exhaust system application.Type 409L SS pipe and 304 stainless steel pipe are common used materials for tail pipes.


409L welded stainless steel pipe

The most frequently used stainless steel in performance exhaust systems is 409L.Type 409L is a kind of stable version of 409.Grade 409L has a good combination of heat resistance and corrosion resistance, can be ideal for non- or lightly corrosive environments or applications. It contains the lowest chromium content of all stainless steels and has excellent oxidation resistance in high temperatures and good welding performance,which is the least expensive steel and a low cost option for corrosion resistant stainless steel.


304 stainless tail pipe

Grade 304 was popular used for tail pipe for recent years.304 grade stainless is tough and nearly impervious to rusting, because it has around 20% chromium and 10% nickel content and is the highest quality stainless steel used in the automotive world. It is most often found in exhaust tips, clamps, bolts and other small exhaust components where strength is very important.


Automotive manufacturers have found that by saving a few extra bucks in production by using the cheaper 409L grade stainless, they can keep prices low. Manufacturers also consider their target market, and whether the benefits of using 304 will make a different on purchase decisions.

In conclusion,If you are not out of money,choose 304 tailpipe for your automobile!

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