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ASTM A513 Mechanical Tubing VS ASTM A519 Mechanical Tubing

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

ASTM A513 Mechanical tubing VS ASTM A519 Mechanical tubing

ASTM A513 standard for carbon and alloy Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) mechanical tubing.It covers carbon steel grades starting at 1008 and higher in addition to specified alloy steels and can be classified A513 Type1A (hot rolled), Type 1B (pickled & oiled),Type 2 (cold rolled) and Type 5(Drawn Over Mandrel ) .

ASTM  A513 Type 1

ASTM A513 Type 1A mechanical tubing is produced from hot rolled strip steel while A513 Type 1B tubing is produced from hot rolled strip steel that has been pickled to remove scale then oiled to provide a cleaner surface than hot rolled. 

A513 Type 1 tubing provides more specific tolerances for OD, wall thickness, length and straightness tolerances than pipe and structural tubing specifications.It is often is used in applications where bending,flaring or flattening is required. 

ASTM  A513 Type 2

ASTM A513 Type 2 is produced from hot rolled strip steel that has been cold reduced.Due to the extra cold working at the steel mills, A513 Type 2 tubing will have tighter wall thickness tolerances, improved surface condition and a more narrow range of mechanical properties than Type 1. 

A513 Type 2 Mechanical ERW tube is used in environments where cosmetically appealing surfaces and light weight are required. Examples include display racks, furniture, greenhouses, exercise equipment, and many others.The maximum wall thickness for cold rolled tubing is 0.120" nominal.

ASTM A513 Type 5

ASTM A513 Type 5 Tube is a Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) tubing product which has closer OD/ID/Wall Tolerances than ERW products. Produced from 1020 and 1026 steel.It ‘s Commonly used in the automotive, appliance and construction industries.

Kind of steel.

Kind of steel

Grade Designation

Low carbon steel

MT1010,MT1015,MT X1015,MT 1020,MT X 1020

Carbon or alloy steel



ASTM A519 Mechanical tubing,A Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing,either hot-finished or cold-finished. where close tolerances, smooth finish, or definite physical properties are important factors. It is a cost effective alternative to DOM steel tubing.

Kind of steel  

Grade Designation

Low carbon steel

MT1010,MT1015,MT X1015,MT 1020,MT X 1020

Higher carbon steel


High carbon steel or alloy steel



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