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A Brielf Introduction Of P265GH Steel Material

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2019

P265GH is one of a commonly used European and German standard grade, this steel has replaced the BS1501 and DIN17155/DIN1639 specification. P265GH is a weldable pressure vessel and boiler steel grade suited for elevated temperature service, is commonly found in the power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industry. The number "265" represents the minimum yield strength in normalized dondition. It is available in sheet, pipe or even forging.



 P265GH Pipe

As a common boiler steel pipe material, P265GH pipe is   designed to hold liquid or gases in most high pressure   environment such as Gas nuclear reactors, Industrial boiler,   Diving cylinders and ect. The standard for P265GH pipe   including:

  DIN EN 10216-1  Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes - technical   delivery conditions   - part 1: non-alloy steel tubes with specified room   temperature properties

  DIN EN 10216-2  Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes - technical   delivery conditions - part 2: non-alloy and alloy steel tubes with specified   elevated temperature properties

P265GH Plate

 Pressure vessel is a key component of PWR nuclear power plant and a   decisive factor affecting the safety and life of nuclear power plant.   P265GH steel plate is type of low alloy steel plate used in nuclear   pressure vessel, meetting - 20 ℃ transverse impact performance   requirements and thickness. The standard for P265GH plate including:

 IN EN10028—1  Flat products made of steels for pressure purposes - part 1: general   requirements

 DIN EN10028—2  Flat products made of steels for pressure purposes - part 2: non-     alloy and alloy steels  with specified elevated temperature properties

 EN10029  Hot-rolled steel plates 3 mm thick or above - tolerances on dimensions and    shape


P265GH Forgings

P265GH Forged / Rolled Machined Pieces are used in components as a fastening / connecting / assembling service to transporte gas or water. The standard for P265GH forged products including:

BS EN 10222-2   Steel forgings for pressure purposes - part 2: ferritic and martensitic steels with specified elevated temperatures properties

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