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What’s Honed Tubes?

Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 02, 2017

  what’s honed tubes?  

honed tubing

   Honed tubes,called grinding tube is a kind of high-precision steel tube with after cold drawn or hot rolling process .There is no oxidation layer inside and outside wall ,without  leakage under high pressure, high precision, high finish, cold bending deformation, flaring, flattening without cracks etc, So it is mainly used to produce pneumatic or hydraulic components products, such as a cylinder tube or oil cylinder tube, can be seamless tube. It contain C, Si,  Mn, S, P,  Cr.and other chemical elements and Mainly suitable for mechanical processing and automobile industry. 

The advantage of Honed tubes

1. The outer diameter is smaller.

2. High precision ,can be small batch production

3. Cold drawn finished products of high precision, good surface quality.

4. The steel pipe transverse area is more complex.

5. Steel pipe is superior performance, dense metal.

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