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DIN 2391-1 St35 Honed Seamless Steel Tube For Hydraulic Cylinder

DIN 2391-1 St35 Honed Seamless Steel Tube For Hydraulic Cylinder

Main Features:
1.Standard: DIN 2391-1
2.Materials: St35
3.Technical: cold-drawn seamless

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Shaanxi Shew-E steel pipe Co.,Ltd is one of professional DIN 2391-1 cold drawn Honed seamless steel tube supplier and exporters,we can supply different materials for this honed steel tubing,expecially,honed cylinder tubing.DIN 2391-1 as a cold drawn seamless steel tubes,it has high quality and high technical testing.Welcome to inquiry us,we will do our best on quality and price to support you.        

Standard: DIN 2391-1

Materials: St35, St45, St52

Technical: cold-drawn seamless

Delivery Condition: BK.BKW,BK+S,GBK,NBK

Straightness: 0.5mm/1m max for tubes below 3m,0.8mm/1m max for tubes between 3 to 6m, 1.2mm/1m for tubes above 6m

Technology: honed & SRB(Skived and Roller Burnished).

Application: used in the hydraulic cylinder of the Heavy Machinery, Cranes, Excavator and Forklifts.

Dimension Tolerance

Honed Tolerance:

Our product can also accept the custom-made. If you are intersted in the item, Feel free to contact us.

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Shannxi Shew-E Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd is one of the leading st52 honed pipe suppliers and also a famous such manufacturer, equipped with many professional st52 honed pipe factories, welcome to purchase high quality st52 honed pipe from our company.


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